About the Programme


  • 5 swimmers per group at all levels
  • 30 minute lessons
  • Progressive and planned program from new babies right through to advanced swimmers
  • No other lessons or children playing at the time of lessons.  
  • Private lessons of 1:1 or 1:2 available for 20 minutes.
  • Consistency is important to learning so we try very hard to keep you with the same teacher from term to term.
  • 32 deg water temperature at all times.

The Learning Triangle

We strongly believe in the learning triangle of child – parent – teacher, and therefore we retain parents in the water until children are swimming fully independently, and are safe in deep water. The benefits of this learning process are:

  • children are constantly moving and doing rather than waiting their turn
  • children progress faster due to more practice time
  • anxious children feel safe and secure with their parent in the water with them.
  • parents are being educated at the same time, so are able to practice the skills learnt outside of lesson time at public pools.
  • parents have a deeper understanding of what their children are doing and more importantly, WHY they are practicing certain skills.
  • parents are valued members of the swim school and have a chance to discuss their child’s progress with their teacher during the lesson.

Child-Centered Program

At Bumble Bees the child comes first! Progressions will occur at the rate in which each individual child is ready. We do not believe in forcing children to perform tasks that they are not happy and comfortable with. Positive encouragement, not force, is our policy.

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