Types of classes

What type of lessons do you offer:

Our group lessons are 30 minutes long and have a maximum of 5 children per lesson.

We offer 20 minute private lessons, with a maximum of 2 swimmers per class.

Please get in touch with us for the prices of our lessons

Catch up / Holiday policy

We do not offer catch ups for missed lessons OR reduce fee costs due to families going away on holiday.  We run with the school terms so have 10 weeks of operation and 2 weeks of close down where we run Holiday Programs for those interested.  

Cancellation Policy

We do not refund any lessons which may be cancelled after the beginning of term.  We are happy to hold credits in our system for future lessons if cancellations made after the beginning of term are for medical reasons, such as broken bones, grommets, or other serious medical issues which means the swimmer will miss a significant amount of lessons during the term.  A medical certificate may be required. Please be aware of this policy when making bookings.

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