Timetable - after school programme

Proposed Times For Next Term

Monday 5pm Makenzi
Wednesday 5pm Rosie
Thursday 4pm  Louise
Monday 4pm Makenzi
Wednesday 4pm Rachel
Thursday 12.30pm Simone
Thursday 4.30pm  Louise
Friday 10am Rachel
Friday 3.30pm Simone
Saturday 12pm Jo
Monday 3.30pm  Makenzi
Tuesday 4pm  Myrrine
Wednesday 3.30pm Rachel
Wednesday 4.30pm Rosie
Friday 4pm & 4.30pm Simone
Monday 4.30pm & 5.30pm Makenzi
Tuesday 3.30pm Sasha
Wednesday 5.30pm Rosie
Thursday 3.30pm & 5.00pm Louise
Friday 5pm Simone
Saturday 9.30am & 11.30am Jo
Monday 3pm Simone
Monday 6pm, 6.20pm & 6.40pm Makenzi
Tuesday 11.10am Sasha
Tuesday 4.30pm 5pm, 5.20pm, 5.40pm, 6.10pm & 6.30pm Myrrine
Wednesday 2.30pm Rachel
Wednesday 6pm, 6.20pm & 6.40pm Rosie
Thursday 11.40am & 2.30pm Simone
Thursday 6pm Louise
Friday 9.10am Rachel
Friday 5.30pm & 5.50pm Simone
Saturday 8am, 8.20am and 8.40am Jo

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