Timetable - after school programme

Proposed Times For Next Term

Monday 5pm Rosie
Wednesday 5pm Simone
Thursday 4pm  Tracey
 Saturday 4pm  Hazel
Monday 4pm Rosie
Wednesday 4pm Rachel
Thursday 4.30pm & 5pm Tracey
Friday 10.30am Rachel
Friday 4.30pm Rosie
Saturday 12pm Jo
Monday 3.30pm & 4.30pm Rosie
Tuesday 4pm  Tracey
Wednesday 3.30pm Rachel
Wednesday 4.30pm Simone
Thursday 5.30pm Tracey
Friday 3.30pm & 4pm Rosie
 Saturday 12.30pm Hazel
Monday 5.30pm Rosie
Tuesday 3.30pm Sasha
Wednesday 5.30pm Simone
Thursday 3.30pm Tracey
Friday 5pm Rosie
Saturday 9.30am Jo
Monday 3pm Simone
Monday 6pm, 6.20pm & 6.40pm Rosie
Tuesday 12pm Sasha
Tuesday 4.30pm 5pm, 5.20pm, 5.40pm, 6.10pm & 6.30pm Tracey
Wednesday 6pm, 6.20pm & 6.40pm Simone
Thursday 11.40am & 2.30pm Simone
Thursday 6pm & 6.20pm Tracey
Friday 9.10am Rachel
Friday 5.30pm, 5.50pm & 6.10pm Rosie
Saturday 8am, 8.20am and 8.40am Jo

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