All swimmers and spectators entering MAC's aged over 12yr and 3 months need to provide proof of vaccination certificate.  As part of your enrolment procedures we ask that this be emailed to us.


It is now mandatory to scan the QR code OR fill in the paper registration form upon entry to MAC's.  All adult swimmers and children aged 12yrs and over with a cell phone must scan in.  We have QR codes at the entranceway and on poolside.  Please use these.  We do not require children under the age of 12yrs to scan in as we keep attendance records for all swimmers in the pool at every session.

YOU MUST ADVISE US IF YOUR CONTACT DETAILS CHANGE – it is imperative that our records remain up to date.


We ask spectators and swimmers aged 12yrs and over to please wear a mask when entering MAC's.  


Hand sanitiser will remain at the entrance of the pool.  Please use this upon entry to the pool.  Our staff will continue to disinfect high touch areas around the pool.


DO NOT come swimming if you are showing any signs of illness.

Symptoms of Covid-19 are:

The Ministry of Heath lists symptoms of COVID-19 as one or more of the following:

- a cough

- a high temperature (at least 38°C)

- shortness of breath

- sore throat

- sneezing and runny nose 

- temporary loss of smell 

Our staff will be alert to any signs of illness from people entering the pool and may question your attendance if they have any concerns.  Please do not be offended as it is for the safety of everybody.

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