Covid 19

Dear Customers
"Go hard and go early". We have all heard our Prime Minister make this statement and with those words ringing in our ears we are making the call to shut MAC's immediately. We understand that on strict interpretation of the new Alert levels we technically could operate, but we are of the opinion that closure is the socially responsible thing to do. The worst scenario for us would be to have a positive case of Covid 19 that included tracing back to our facility. Right now we are in control of ensuring that does not occur hence the need for immediate closure. For the safety of our staff and our wonderful customers we know it is the correct thing to do.
Obviously we have not taken the above decision lightly and we know that many of you will be very disappointed but it appears highly likely that the country will move to Alert level 3 in the coming days, in which case we would be forced to close anyway. Everything we hear tells us we should get ahead of the curve so we are doing our small bit to do so. Some of the factors we considered included the social distancing requirements, the inability to clean all surfaces between each person's touch, the fact that we are a non-essential business, and the Health and Safety requirements to take good care of our staff.
For the past week I have been loading times from the 100m and 200m swims and I have never, in 11 years, seen such improvements by our swimmers as a collective from all teachers. It has well and truly been the most positive thing I have seen or done in recent times and I very much look forward to a time when I have the privilege of doing so again in the future. That, to us, speaks volumes to the quality of our programme and our staff and it makes us very proud of both.
We wish you all well as we face this pandemic together. MAC's, and Bumble Bees, are considerably more than business for us. There is such a great feeling of community in our facilities and, for a time, we will truly miss that. This is a temporary scenario and we will see you all again on the other side, of that we are sure.
Best wishes and stay safe. 
Blair and Karen McMillan.

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