Holiday Programmes

MAC's holiday programmes run for 5 consecutive days so swimmers get repetitive coaching over a short period of time.  Fast progress is made in a quiet and calm environment as we have a maximum of 1 group or 2 private sessions running at a time in the holiday programme.

Cost:  $82.50 for group lessons (5 x 30 minute lessons)

             $190.00 for 20 minute private sessions (maximum 2 swimmers per session)

             $230.00 for 30 minute private sessions (maximum 3 swimmers per session).

Holiday Programmes are the ONLY time we over private tuition.  Children can be of differing levels in privates - often they are family members who are getting their swim lessons done and dusted in one time slot.

2022 DATES:

January Holiday Programme:  Monday 24th - Friday 28th January 

April Holiday Programme:         Monday 25th - Friday 29th April

July Holiday Programme:           Monday 18th - Friday 22nd July

October Holiday Programme:   Monday 10th - Friday 14th October


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