Timetable - babies to preschoolers

Proposed Times For Next Term

NEW BABY (5mth-18mth) had no previous experience
Monday 12pm Claire
Tuesday 10.30am Simone
Tuesday 12.30pm Rachel
Wednesday 1.30pm and 1pm Rachel
Thursday 3pm Tracey
Friday 1pm Myrrine
Saturday 11.30am Jo
EXPERIENCED BABIES (8mth-18mth) Had 1x Term Of Lessons
Monday 9.30am Claire
Monday 1pm Simone
Tuesday 11.00am Simone
Tuesday 1pm Rachel
Wednesday 11am Claire
Wednesday 3pm Rachel
Thursday 1.30pm  Simone
Friday 11am Rachel
Friday 12.30pm  Myrrine
Saturday 2.30pm & 4.30pm Hazel
OLDER BABY (18mth-2.5yrs)
Monday 9am & 10.30am Claire
Monday 2.30pm Simone
Tuesday 9.30am Simone
Tuesday 3pm Rachel
Wednesday 9.30am & 10.30am Claire
Thursday 2pm Simone
Friday 11.30am Rachel
Friday 3pm Myrrine
Saturday 11am Jo
Saturday 3.30pm Hazel
TODDLER (2.5yr - 3.5yrs)  
Monday 10am & 11am Claire
Monday 12.30pm  Simone
Tuesday 10am Simone
Tuesday 2.30pm  Rachel
Wednesday 10am  Claire
Wednesday 2.30pm Rachel
Thursday 1pm Simone
Friday 9.30am Rachel
Friday 2pm  Myrrine
Saturday 10.30am Jo
 Saturday 1.30pm & 3pm Hazel
PRESCHOOL (3.5yr - 5yr)  
Monday 11.30am Claire
Monday 2pm Simone
Tuesday 9am & 11.30am Simone
Tuesday 1.30pm Rachel
Wednesday 9.00am Claire
Wednesday 1.30pm & 2pm Rachel
Thursday 12pm Simone
Friday 1.30pm & 2.30pm Myrrine
Saturday 9am Jo
Saturday 2pm & 4pm Hazel
Monday 1.30pm Simone
Tuesday 2pm Rachel
Thursday 12.30pm Simone
Friday 10am Rachel
Friday 12pm Rachel
Saturday 10am Jo
Saturday 1pm Hazel

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